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The load sensor is a running line unit consisting of five sheaves. The rope runs over the center three sheaves and under the end sheaves which allows the load sensor to be "floated" on the rope when required to avoid subjecting any mounting structure to unnecessary loading. This sheave arrangement also minimizes potential errors in load reading due to rope stretch and long term wear, ensuring the KY2000 system remains in accurate calibration.

The center sheave is freely suspended and deflects the hoist rope transmitting a load proportional to the line pull, to a, sealed strain gauge load cell mounted within the load sensor. One of the adjacent sheaves is used to produce a signal, which is used by the KY2001 system to automatically compensate for dynamic or static friction in the crane sheave system when hoisting or lowering. An amplifier unit totally sealed against the environment is mounted adjacent to the load sensor and processes the load and direction signals into a suitable form for transmission to the Central Processing Unit via slip rings if necessary.